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Danielle Canfield,


My passion for horses started at a very young age in the show ring and has been a huge part of my life ever since. 

 Raising my two amazing sons, horses and the barn was my "me time", now that they are grown up my husband and I decided to take

my love for horses one step further. 

In 2019, I took over an established Equine Assisted Learning Centre.   I have expanded the programs offered to support, those with mental health battles, ADHA, ASD, and more. 

I am very excited about our mentorship program for Tweens and Teens.  As a teenager I struggled with my own challenges: abandonment by a parent, constant moving, low self esteem it is a blessing to be able to help encourage young people that are trying to find their path.  As an adult, I was a single mom for quite sometime to my boys. Life throws you punches, learning ways to refocus and find strength to face the next day is just one of the many gifts I have found in horses. Horses and human connections are the most amazing thing to watch develop, I know this was truly

 always meant to be.


Sarah Neilson,

Junior Instructor 

Hi my name is Sarah I have been working at the barn for about a year now, I help run the EAL program as well as help do lessons. I love hanging out at the barn with the horses as well as riding. I also help do barn chores and anything else that needs done at the barn or with the horses it is my favourite way too spend my days. 

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